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Social Media and HR: Worthy Partners or Evil Enemies?”

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

According to Marc West in a recent Changeboard discussion, adoption of Social Media and weak ties is more of a generational difference than specific to the ideology of the technology. Current thinking is that it is predominantly the boomers, and classics that are slower to SM adoption and thus they represent weaker ties.

As with all demographs its bell curve so not all Millenials, X, Y or Boomers are adopters, its that these generations in particular are far more likely to adopt.

Another way of looking a this is the shift of Jungian types in the workplace over time for each generation.

If you undertook a Jungian survey of an organisation 15-20 years ago you would have found 80% of a business populace to be sensors/thinkers, Thinker/Sensors with 20% representing Feeler/Intuitors and Intuitor/Feelers.

Over the last 10-15 years we have seen a growth of Feeler/Intuitors into the workplace as emotional Intelligence has influenced and attracted these Jungian types, this is also reflected in society.

Over the last 5-10 years we have been seeing a sharp increase in Intuitive Intelligence with Intuitor/Feelers, these are the new game changers!

Intuitor/Feelers are extremely capabable of virtual social networking and with strong competency in emotional skills can build strong virtual bonds, which is very important in the new virtual world.

These are the early adopters to virtual social networking, in fact it’s so natural to them versus the sensors who want face to face contact.

Over the last 2 years Marc has worked extensively on how build virtual cohesion, and developed a set of tools and methods for building Predictive Social Networks, He alleges that he can even predict level of cohesion with an organizations even before the employees have even met each other virtually to 96% predictabilility.

Again the ability to build strong cohesion in virtual networks is critical in the new world, where virtual practices will become the norm, the ability to predict level of cohesion and model an organization, prior to structuring is the difference between creating high performing business that is sustainability versus one that is at risk of loss to a business, due to old practices and mindsets.